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Open your new era intelligent asset securities trading

IIC - global original top securities trading patterns

SURPERFORMANCE SAS was created in 2001 by its actual CEO Mr Franck Morel.
Built on our well-known expertise, we offer exclusive services to meet our clients' needs.

About us

Inter-American Investment Corporation(IIC) In January 2008 was established in Washington, dc,
A professional one-stop financial services for enterprises and investors international asset management platform

ico lfm
Integrated products - funds
IC adhering to the "customer interests first" principle, starting from the actual needs of customers to form
the set of "online trading, financial services, interactive communication and electronic service" for the
fund's electronic platform, bring investors with finance and investment, comprehensive service.
ico if
Integrated products - stock
The IIC will with the constant development of computer and Internet technology background,Through
continuous product innovation and technological innovation, improve the company's service level,
In order to become a worldwide influential financial information integrated service provider.
ico fa
Integration - insurance products
Health care will accompany each person's life, the basis of financial management
Not only is to deposit a certain amount of money, but to make sure for the future
It is also one of the important foundation of financial plan, insurance.
ico it
Integrated products - foreign exchange
Through the IIC international investment platform Foreign
exchange financial products without investors to make
decisions By investment professionals to guide investment.
ico broker
Integration - trust products
The trust plan products is generally excellent aptitude, stable income
Infrastructure, real estate, the listed company equity pledge the trust plan,
There is a third party to guarantee the strength of large enterprises, higher security

Intelligent miracle - officially open

"If there is a steady cash flow, the securitization of it!"This quote from Wall Street, penetrating into the interpretation of the importance of asset securitization. Especially under the high pressure of economic downturn, "money shortage" problem is more and more serious,The major Traditional financial institutions, the emerging Internet businesses have sought to crack, To break through the implementation of new development. Under this background, the "asset securitization" gradually into the field of vision.

But with the coming of the financial crisis in 2008 against the whole market is bigger, the crisis also reflects some problems in the process of asset securitization, such as: we can't forecast war, riots, political, national policy and corporate turmoil of uncertain factors such as market volatility, so there are losses.

The securities market under the background of complex and changeable market background, someone will always not satisfied with the status quo, stand up! Inter-American Investment Corporation ,Asset securitization market giants! In 2016, with a very original vision and incomparable to securities industry, advanced technology, comprehensive break the deadlock, formally restore market!

Every time there is always a kind of power In promoting his walking!

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MediaKit Zonebourse.com

MediaKit 4-traders.com

Intellectual property - goodbye
"High risk" financial times

Inter-American Investment Corporation in different countries to follow the laws and regulations, on the basis of to "division" super resources integration ability, gathering all kinds of securities and real time data, strong dredge stubborn "sticking point" of the market. Building the "intellectual property" system, a cloud of SAR technology and work force Forthcoming OMC hair intelligent trading platform Perfect combination, crossed the time node, with groundbreaking new technology and solid skills of the platform architecture, predict the future, avoid risk.

ico loupe
  • Intelligent analysis
  • Improve the yield
  • Think about the profit
  • Freedom into gold

100% invested in stocks
At least 75% in European equities
UCITS IV Luxembourg Fund
ISIN code LU1220932716

Trading profits after IIC will feedback to the investors in proportion to 0.1% of the daily, until meet when earnings leverage as agreed in the contract. Any investment from the global users, all can through the platform freedom into gold, 7 * 24 hours for unlimited bonanza special feeling!

IIC will intelligent excellent strength, is used to solve the disadvantages of asset securitization, can not only optimize resources, can also produce beyond the huge gains of unusual, make a group after group of dare to try the new "pioneer", to gain wealth become more clear, more convenient!

Our investment objective is to outperform the Stoxx 600 index.
We strongly believe in Big Data for asset management.

To spread industrialization in the global development

In 2016, IIC comprehensive financial intelligence into the Internet. By integrating global different countries different fields mature, legitimate assets securities products, in all countries on the basis of the law allows trading products managed within the rules of intelligent, committed to build the world's largest Internet financial intelligence platform.

IIC together hand in hand with you to start the asset securitization market multi-level investment demand, leveraged market liquidity, build the value of asset securitization platform, the accumulation of wealth to lay a solid foundation for you!

Big data era

"Social financial"
Landmark of innovative business models

Open intelligent era of securities trading at the same time, the IIC more unique social financial mode combination group, the speed of light to enter the market. IIC through extreme value orientation behind the network resources and the human health benefits of word of mouth promotion, continued into intelligent revenue model.

Social financial belong to social finance, core permeability by social financial markets, strong digging behind the economic value of interpersonal relationship. Through the social value, in "intelligence asset" trading platform will stock capitalization at the same time, we will get extra promotion benefits.

Thomson Reuteurs Interactive Data
Cofisem Factset

Risk insurance . fixed income

IIC SAR through cloud technology, analysis yields can be as high as 79.69%, if because intelligent analysis of trade and bring huge gains, so you can get is only 0.1%, of course, if the trading loss, we will through the IIC risk funds make up for your loss. When you wealth leverage income up to contract agreement, all transactions after the earnings will be 100% owned by IIC.

n the smart asset trading platform, you won't be a heaven of hell, because your income is very stable. Without disk analysis, everyday without willies after drop stop risk.

  • Intelligent synchronous
  • Intelligent analysis
  • Intelligent trading
  • Smart earnings
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Wealth to control

nter-American Investment Corporation
main serees

Today is an era full of change, is a super-fast development era, global has been developed from the era of market economy moves toward the capital economy era, so we have to do at different times different career, a head to win in this life, seize the trend to become a leader. The CII creating asset securities intelligent age will be the next wave of capital, may miss the chance you'll miss a era.

Rooted in the U.S. -radiationThe global

Intel - American Investment Corporation (IIC), the inter-american development bank (IDB) members of the group, was established in January 2008 in the United States in Washington, d.c., is a one-stop financial services platform for companies and investors. Over the years, the company has more than investment sophisticated enterprises and development of innovative companies. Continue to expand the business scope and depth, in order to grasp the development of cross-border capital flows and fortune global configuration, the company always stand in the forefront of international development. After long-term exercise of the capital market, at present, the IIC universal international group has become a global scale is one of the alternative asset management institutions. IIC in efficient operation than peers think way, with world-class technology and operations team, top "software and hardware" agree with each other, demonstrating excellent strength, staggering billions of pool management, power of the securities market from quantitative change to qualitative change constantly, IIC open asset securities intelligent time has come, are you ready?
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